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Isn't she hot?

Isn't she hot?

Lingerie is such an interestingly important and fun part of my life.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve lived in Manhattan for 5 years and have become acquainted with conversation in my college classes about it, maybe it’s because I’ve been in love for almost 2 years for my first time, and maybe it’s because I’ve always been attracted to silky fabric!

Regardless, with Valentine’s Day approaching I decided to interview one of my favorite New York (and LA) based lingerie brands, VALENTINE NYC. Whitney Brown and Paloma Jonas were former models, and current BOSSES navigating and running the business from opposite coasts.

I was able to speak to Whitney just in time for Valentine’s Day about love, lingerie, and pre-wrinkle years’ romance.


1.     Lingerie shoppers are very loyal! Why do your ladies stick to you? How is Valentine different than the other brands out there?

The Valentine ladies stay loyal because our designs are not only comfortable enough to wear everyday but the quality comes at an unbeatable price for what they get. We work with the same mills as brands like Kiki De Montparnasse and La Perla but we charge half the price.

I think Valentine is not only reinventing romance but also portraying lingerie in a more approachable way. 

2.     A big part of your brand to viewers is the aspect of bringing real women in on your blog. How did this idea come about?

We wanted to feature real women on our blog so that the brand does seem approachable and to highlight the fact that lingerie is for all women not girls who just look like models. 

3.     How has social media affected your company?

Social media has been a great way to reach new customers and an amazing visual extension of our branding. 

4.     With Valentines Day around the corner, what are your ideal plans? How would you advice couples who are spending their first one together to approach the weekend of February 14th this year?

My ideal plans are a nice dinner and spa treatment with my fiancé. I think Valentines Day should be everyday and me and my man are constantly doing romantic things for each other. Love and romance shouldn't only be celebrated one day a year. 

For first time couples I would recommend planning some kind of experience to help you bond with the other person. A romantic concert, a pottery making class or a day trip somewhere is a great way to see a new side someone you maybe haven't seen before. I wouldn't do anything to overtly romantic, those moments need to be saved for 10 plus years down the road once you start to get wrinkles and you have crying babies.


5.     What has been the top three lovely parts of 2015?

Planning my wedding, making new friends that me and my fiancé share and spending 2 uninterrupted weeks with my mom while she was recovering from hip surgery (kind bitter sweet).

6.     Single people should __________ on Valentine’s Day.

Live life normally.

7.     Biggest turn off? Biggest turn on?

Bragging or name dropping. Confidence.

8.     What’s the best piece of business advice you’ve ever received?

Make a choice and stick with it. 

9.     Is lingerie different in the winter than in the summer?

I mean lets be honest. Besides the colors not really.

10.  What is the one thing you’ve learned to stop doing in relationships?

Arguing about pointless things.

11.  What is one thing you’ve learned to stop doing in your outfit choices?

Wearing anything uncomfortable.

12.  When you wake up on a Saturday with nothing to do (let’s pretend as a business owner you actually have Saturdays like this sometimes!), what would you do?

Workout, go shopping, see a movie and eat tacos!

13.  What is one thing you want people to know about your brand that they can’t figure out from valentinenyc.com?

Valentine is an effort to reinvent romance. Our mission is to open peoples minds to the thought that romance doesn't need to be the traditional old school romance. Romance is any act of showing or giving love and being vulnerable.

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