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Travel Guide: Richmond, VA

Travel Guide: Richmond, VA


After exploring their Instagram for a few weeks, and booking a trip to Richmond, I knew I had to stay at The Quirk. Here are a few reasons why this is the only hotel you should stay at for your weekend in Richmond:

  1. They brew Blanchard's Coffee.  Being from New York, I know good coffee is essential to having a productive weekend of exploring. I was browsing through a Richmond grocery store earlier this year with my boyfriend, and he convinced my to try Blanchard's and I was hooked. They have a mini cafe set up in The Quirk, and they also sell their own partnered batch of coffee beans at the hotel's gallery shop.
  2. The beds are so comfy. Once I walked into the room and saw the high ceilings, and big windows, I flopped onto the bed and sank in to the comfy mattress. So important for a good night's sleep.
  3. The neighborhood. This part of town is really hip. There are antique shops, right next to brand new hip Italian restaurants (we tried one, it was pretty good), and then mixed in there was an awesome old pharmacy turned classic neighborhood bar. You'll have plenty of walking around and exploring to do.

The rooms feature original art, and even the basement and hallways have large canvases, with a continuous theme. The aesthetic is somewhat of a cross between Wes Anderson's movies, Eloise at The Plaza, and Madeleine books. The rooms pull the color scheme of the rest of a hotel, and almost every item including the Tivoli alarm clocks are purchasable if you're interested.

When you step out of the high-ceiling, spacious hotel rooms and into the lobby, you notice a unique blend of local Richmonders and visitors alike. The bar is cool and quaint all at once, and the couches are luxurious and comfy. A mysterious door in the lobby leads to a spacious courtyard, which looks directly out of Alice in Wonderland, and leads to The Quirk Gallery and gift shop.

If you have a car, they have a great valet. If you can't wait to get downstairs to have coffee, they have a Keurig in the room. And if going down the block for a local brunch isn't your thing, they'll bring room service directly to your bed, with a diverse menu.

If you're looking for a hotel in Richmond, definitely stay at The Quirk for a night, or better yet three.

Although The Quirk graciously partnered with me on this post, all opinions are my own.

Although The Quirk graciously partnered with me on this post, all opinions are my own.


Edgar Allen Poe Museum


If you have any interest in Edgar Allen Poe whatsoever, this small mecca of gardens within a busy city will not only multiply that interest, but answer all of your unanswered Poe questions.


Open 365 days a year, this stunning and ornate theater has cheap movie tickets around $2-$5 each. It's survived over 80 years of entertainment in America, and is truly and architectural treasure.



Coming from such a big city, I have a sense of pride about New York's art collections. The VMFA proved me wrong, and debuted a stunning museum architecturally, and collectively. Go.



The Grill 5724 Patterson Ave 

I'm really, really, into good diner breakfasts. If you can nail a stack of pancakes, breakfast potatoes, and offer rye toast we're good. This place is no frills, has traditional southern biscuits, and makes their omelettes in this unique way where all of the vegetables pillow out of a crepe-like outer egg.

Can Can 3120 West Cary Street


I think the highlight of this place is the location, a young and fun neighborhood, and their coffee. Their fruit is always very fresh, and it has a Parisian feel inside with buttery pastries. Sit outside, and if you're feeling decadent order the eggs Benedict.

Eggs Benedcit at Can Can Brasserie.


Don't Look Back 2929 West Cary Street

Personally, I think tacos are always the perfect lunch. Here, they have gluten-free and vegan options. I went for the tofu tacos on corn tortillas. The menu is simple and they have a ton of hot sauce varieties which is key.

Add in a side of guac, and some Mexican coke, and you're set.


Because you should always have room for it...

Shyndigz 1903 West Cary Street


My boyfriend took me here during Valentine's Day and I was shocked at how good this place was. Probably because I never eat massive slices of cake. And chocolate strawberries. And Bailey's in coffee...altogether.

Get the fruit cake, which is uber-buttery vanilla cake, layered with fresh fruit and buttercream frosting.

Chocolate cake and fruit cake at Shyndigz in Richmond.

Boyer's Ice Cream 5808 Grove Ave

Once again, amazing coffee (this is something that's very important in my restaurant reviews!) The ice cream is diverse, ranging from simple vanilla bean, to rainbow cookie, to "Don't Ask" which is some sort of magical mix of cookies and peanut butter.




Bookbinders 2306 E Cary St

Located in a waterfront, historic area of the city, this restaurant is a fine dining experience with great seafood and impeccable service. Make sure to order some of their cocktails and listen to their specials! I'm always impressed with how detail-oriented they are.

*Additional places to mention are Elwood Thompsons (for green juices and smoothies), The Daily for vegetable-focused food and organic all-day food, and Galaxy Diner for the best milkshake in Richmond and over-the-top breakfasts.