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Camila's self-portrait

Camila's self-portrait

"Let me have your number we should totally hang out," is a very common phrase in many 20-somethings lives. It's also common to see someone, really enjoy them, and never see them again, although maybe you stay connected by following them on their trip to Florence, or watching to see what they wear on New Years via social media photos.

One of my favorite normalities of modern-day friendships though is when you meet someone, exchange contact information, and actually do stay in touch: whether it is regularly, or a year later. In this case, Camila and I re-connected over a year later than when we first met, which was a hot balmy day in Central Park where we climbed into an ice cream truck while working on our friend Natasha's magazine photoshoot.

Camila is one of the sweetest, most transparent, and talented women I've met in this city. I met with her last week over big, crunchy sweet almond croissants and coffee to discuss photography, her home country of Colombia, and staying inspired in New York.

What is your ideal New York day?

My routine depends on the weather and work each day of course, but as a freelancer you can make each day different, that is one of the coolest things in my life, basically my ideal day is wake up around 6:30 AM, have a cup of coffee and then breakfast with Dani (My love), after that I take a shower and then I start to work on my things, editing the past photoshoots and making mood boards of the next ones, usually I try to do Yoga at 10 AM or 12 PM; depends on the work then lunch. In the afternoons during spring, summer or fall, I take my bike, my camera and go to discover new spots, I love to do that! It's my favorite plan in NYC, that keeps me inspiring all the time, I like to go to new coffee shops, restaurants or take a simple ride in the West Village which is my favorite neighborhood in NY.  Is like an scouting of places always thinking where would be so cool do my next photoshoot.


What are the biggest differences in photography clients in New York compared to Colombia?

It's funny, actually I was thinking this week, how different the things are between Colombia and NY, you can't compare but one thing that in the last week I just realized was, I love to work with  people who have small  brands that are growing and is amazing help  in the process, because they are  always exciting about everything and the energy that you can feel is awesome!

One of the things that I love in New York is that most of the people that you meet in this city have a dream! This is so beautiful!! And I love this because everyone makes you feel good, and important and talented, that is an amazing feeling that I think in my country is hard to find.

What's your favorite type of experience to photograph?

I don't have any particular thing, I find beauty everywhere! But to be more specific I love photograph people and moments.

How do you stay inspired?

Well, New York by it self keeps me inspired, this city for me is  everything! I feel very blessed and grateful to live here. Also looking photographers that I admire, magazines, books and finding inspiration everywhere.

What's the first thing you notice when you begin to shoot portraits of someone?

"Their soul, their feelings and who they are. I like to photograph normal people that keeps that innocence that you can feel, the models know what they are doing so is pretty different for me."

What is your most memorable photo shoot?

Last year in Upstate NY (Catskills), we had and amazing photoshoot with my friend Natasha Garossi for her magazine WTF Digital, where we enjoy every second, it was like a fun road trip with your friends but at the same time working on a big project, it was so natural and cool, and the result was incredibly good! I think when you're doing what you love the life comes easy and better.


I am so excited in this moment in my life because I'm starting to see what I become through all of this years in New York City, I know big things are coming and I am really happy to feel that my work is recognized!!